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A Maintenance Guide To Granite And Quartz Worktops

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If you are searching for a reliable Granite worktop care or Quartz worktop care service provider, you have knocked on the right door. You would probably agree with the fact that Quartz and Granite happen to be two of the most ideal work surfaces that you can install in your kitchen.

Both of these materials offer premium quality toughness and extensive durability. On the other hand, both of these worktop building materials are too easy to maintain. Nevertheless, certain differences prevail between these materials, and you must take proper care of both these items if you wish to avail their service for the longer term.

Quartz: Maintenance Measures to be Undertaken

In case you were wondering how Quartz comes into existence, let us enlighten you with the fact that it is the second most abundant mineral found on our planet. However, it's worth mentioning that, in spite of its abundance, engineers prepare the commercial Quartz in the laboratory by adding minimal amounts of resin to it for making the item more durable so that it can withstand the heavy pressure it undergoes during your kitchen tasks.

Cleaning Process of Quartz

We understand how much you are stressed about Quartz worktop care. The procedure of cleaning your quartz worktop is very simple since you would only require a clean piece of soft cloth; you can also try using a sponge, and a minimum amount of soap and water.

After the cleaning process is completed, make sure that you dry the surface properly using tissue papers or a clean towel.

For maintaining the ultimate quality of these stone countertops, experts recommend cleaning the same regularly after each meal or cooking session. Do not let any food crumbs stay back on the surface. To avoid such an incident from occurring, wipe out the used surface immediately, in case of a spillage of juice, coffee, vinegar, tea, etc.

Usage of harsh abrasives can severely degrade the quality of your quartz worktops. Also, irrespective of what your close ones recommend, never use any window cleaner or acid-based solutions such as vinegar, lime, etc. for cleaning your Quartz worktop.

Tips for maintaining your Granite Countertop

Granite, besides being a natural material, is a porous material. This means that no matter what liquid this particular material is exposed to, the former shall penetrate the latter’s surface by any means. This feature makes Granite vulnerable to oil spills and water leakages. In case you were wondering what the specific Granite worktop care tips are, we are here with a handful of them.

Maintaining shine on your Quartz worktop is a challenge that most homeowners face. You can simply use a microfiber chamois to dry off the countertop surface for bringing out the signature shine that this worktop building material is known for.

Just in case you feel the need to get your granite worktops cleaned more deeply, use a combination of water and isopropyl alcohol. Before the actual cleaning process, make sure that you add 50% of each of these ingredients.

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